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Since 1996

With our young dynamic professional team of 14 people, we are an expert team focused on providing you with the best service with our company policy aiming to grow day by day, and working to serve you in all ports of Spain in a regular manner. We serve you around the clock to fully meet all the requirements of the ships.

Today, Spain is a country that acts as a gateway to the Mediterranean Sea from the Ocean region. Being close to many European countries in terms of logistics and according to the average price and quality, it is the best point of Europe for purchasing and supplying goods. In order to provide unlimited service to all our customers, we follow all the developments in the world and supply them accordingly. We meet all your needs, including the latest technological products.

Today, it is one of the rarest countries in the world in terms of ship supply, because Spain is one of the rare countries in the world that is self-sufficient in supply, so the prices of the products we offer to you, especially food products, are much more affordable than many European countries. You can supply products with much more affordable prices from many other countries by contacting us.

For customer satisfaction, we serve you with flexible payment terms as much as possible. Thus, we can supply the financial resources of many companies without leaving them in a difficult situation.

You have many reasons to choose us, we are always at your side with our friendly service, reasonable prices, reliable ship suppliers and expert staff.

You can contact us at [email protected]

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