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Ships coming to our country usually come from distant country ports or ports in the Mediterranean, so the ships stay on the sea route for days and during this time, many consumables on the ships are exhausted and therefore the deck and machinery spare parts needed by the ships are supplied to the ships by us.

Our deck materials include paints, chemical products, grinders, scraping equipment, paint equipment, electronic parts, crosses, pilot mercenaries, various gloves, hoses, pressure hoses, brushes, overalls, shoes and many more products we make. More than 600 kinds of materials waiting to be supplied to you in our warehouses are always ready and the remaining materials are provided for you by contacting our business partners.

In order to be able to supply the necessary materials in the engine rooms of the ships in the best way, we carefully examine all kinds of materials you need in order to make full and correct supply and present them to you in line with your orders. It will be enough to contact us for your many product needs that may be required in the engine room.

In-machine materials; We also support you in the maintenance and repair of electric motors, hydraulic motors, generator and main machine spare parts, various sensors, indicators, thermometers, pressurized and normal hoses, sprays, valves, various rings, pistons and the products we have mentioned. After the arrival date of your ships in our country is finalized, contact us and get acquainted with our unlimited services, all you have to do is contact us at [email protected]

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